Taiwan Academic Network Management and Norms

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Taiwan Academic Network Management and Norms

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7. Connected Organisations shall attend to the following network management items:

(1) Formulating network usage norms to regulate and ensure proper use of network resources by users;
(2) Formulating a standard operation procedure to protect intellectual property rights on campus network, and taking an active stance on protecting intellectual property rights;
(3) Formulating a standard operation procedure for information and communication security, and adopting appropriate measures to maintain network security;
(4) Establishing a mechanism processing inappropriate information on the network to maintain network order, while providing children and teenagers a safe network environment.
(5) Appropriate division, control and monitoring on network usage and flow, and reasonable exploitation of network resources;
(6) Formulating means of management concerning

9. Connected Organisations and their users shall forbid from or may not engage in the following conduct that violates the objective of the TANet:

(1) Engaging in business activities to make profit using the TANet;
(2) Storing information that affects the healthy development, both physically and psychologically, of children and teenagers. However, information needed for educational or research purposes, provided that appropriate mechanisms are in place to separate and protect it, may be exempted from this rule.
(3) Using other users’ accounts and passwords illegally, breaking the protecting measures or exploiting system weaknesses to hack into other computers or equipment;
(4) Obtaining, deleting or altering the electronic record of other computers or equipment illegally;
(5) Interfering with other computers or equipment using computer programmes or other electronic means;
(6) Exploiting network resources to send spams or similar information or any other behaviour that may affect the functioning of TANet system;
(7) Using e-mails, online chats, electronic bulletins or other similar features to disseminate rumours, defraud, slander, insult, defile, harass, threat or any other information that is against normal social customs;

(8) Other behaviour that violates the set-up objective of TANet;

Should unlawfulness be involved in any of the abovementioned behaviour, the user(s) concerned shall be held responsible according to relevant laws and norms.

10. Connected Organisations shall make sure their users respect intellectual property rights and may not engage in any of the following behaviour that infringes network intellectual property rights:

(1) Using unauthorised computer programmes;
(2) Downloading or duplicating copyright-protected work;
(3) Publishing protected work online without author consent;
(4) Re-posting any articles from the electronic bulletins or any online forums;
(5) Other behaviour that may infringe or involve in the dispute of intellectual property rights.

11. Managing organisations at all levels may restrict or temporarily terminate Connected Organisations or users from connecting to the TANet should any of the following occurs:

(1) Violation of laws concerned or these Norms;
(2) National security is affect;
(3) In co-operation with investigation(s) conducted by justice organisations;
(4) To prevent the continuance or dissemination of inappropriate or illegal behaviour;
(5) To update and/or relocate network equipment; to test, maintain or check network or system;
(6) It is necessary to terminate connection to resolve the unknown issue(s).

12. Users of TANet who violate these norms shall to be referred to their respective organisations.

Administrators of TANet who exploit their positions to violate these Norms shall be penalised according to norms concerned.

Should the abovementioned behaviour of infringement involves illegal activities, in addition to administrative sanction, the parties involved shall also be held legally responsible.
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